I didn’t get a chance to watch Madelaine and Lili go live on IG, but I did watch them live on FB earlier, and there were some Sprousehart hints.

*At around the 3:48 mark, they’re talking about how there is not going to be any magic on the show (Lili actually says that line about no magic), and then Cole, whose voice you can hear in the background, chimes in and says, ‘Just our chemistry, baby!’ 😱
And then Mads says, ‘Oh Lord. Cole’s in the room, everybody.’ 😂

*A bit later Mads is talking about Cheryl, and she says she’s like a little onion with layers. And you can hear Cole say, ‘I have layers.’ A Shrek reference. Maybe he’s teasing Lili because of her love for Shrek?

*Refer to photo above – the biggest moment happens at around the 6:23 mark. Lili makes a weird sound and face at a question she reads and then Madelaine asks what is a CC (means cute couple). She also asks Cole what CC means (Cole doesn’t seem to know). The photo above shows the CC question that was asked.
Lili’s reaction throughout that entire part is very interesting. 😉😉

If anyone gets a chance, go and watch it and let me know what you think. 🙂


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