Why people hate Taylor Swift…


It has been become somewhat of a sport to hate Taylor Swift. If a male or Beyonce did the exact same things no one would give two shits, in fact, they would be cheering them on.

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It’s no secret that the media have painted her as some heart-breaking hussy that is a snake and a liar BUT logical, brain-carrying people know that the Kayne situation was manipulated to make her seem like she was lying.

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Hold up, Kayne’s HIGHEST selling album is still LOWER than Taylor’s LOWEST selling album…PLUS she had FAME and was breaking records WAYYYYY before Kayne came onto the scene so NO he DID NOT make her famous.

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The answer to why people hate Taylor Swift is simple…people want to seem cool. They believe what they read, they jump on bandwagons to seem ‘in’ and they don’t want to act like they give a shit about anything.

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I read a Taylor article today that was pro-Taylor but all of the comments on the posts were like YEAH SHOWING HER REAL FORM (zombie makeup) & so much unnecessary hate like WHAT DRIVES YOU TO TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO HATE ON SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW?

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It starts in school where there are ‘cool’ kids and ‘losers’ and somehow there’s this internalised hatred for a woman who has only ever wanted to sing songs and love.

If ANY other celebrity, particularly males, write songs about the member of the opposite sex or date the opposite sex IT IS NOT BIG DEAL, but the intense influx of just bullying against Taylor for dating at all is DISGUSTING.

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Y’ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. You preach feminism and equality yet you brutally bully a woman that you don’t know because she sings songs and has other famous people manipulating the media to make her look bad.

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People need to step back and re-evaluate their lives because if you’re really taking the time to BULLY someone you don’t know, you need to assess your life because clearly you have something wrong with you.

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