Why I’m a feminist

Growing up I watched my mum tirelessly clean the house, cook, look after us and work.

Growing up I watched my father come home from a ‘long day at work’ and expect dinner and make a sly comment about how my mother probably did nothing all day.

Growing up I listened to my father yell Not in MY house.

Growing up I watched my father be controlling about my mother’s money, and as I got older, watched him put her down for gambling or buying alcohol when he does the EXACT SAME THING.

Growing up I learnt to hide things I bought when I went shopping because ‘your father would be mad’. Even though it was her hard earned money.

Growing up I watched my father do one small chore and boast about it for weeks anytime my mother complained about being tired from doing ALL of the housework EVERY DAY.

Growing up I witnessed the engrained misogyny that his father was taught be shown in everyday life over and over again. When I was old enough to say something, I went off. You know the response I got, right? Not in MY house, you’re under MY roof. It made me so angry.

I watch how my mother is made to feel like it’s a privilege for her to be ALLOWED to live in a house SHE helped pay for or be a part of a family SHE looked after.

Now that I’m grown up I speak my mind, I call men out when they’re being hypocrites and misogynists.

Why are you so mad? They ask me.

Why are you into all of that feminism crap? They patronise me.

I’ve spent my entire life feeling mad because it’s not right & I was scared of speaking up when I was older because i had no place to go. It was HIS house after all. It’s disgusting that women are told to not take up space and blow men’s ego’s higher, even when they do nothing. That is why I’m a feminist.

Men were/are told they could do anything growing up and were/are praised for fucking doing so much as sneezing but I was constantly made to not feel good enough and found that I had to work 20x harder and get no recognition in comparison to boys who put no effort in and got awarded for it.

I’m a feminist because I’m fucking sick of men walking around like they own the world. That they walk around feeling they are entitled to be lazy and misogynistic and it’s a women’s job to take care of them.

I’m a feminist because my whole life I’ve been told to keep quiet and that I’m ‘just being dramatic’ or asked in the most condescending tone if it’s that time of the month, as if the only time women are angry is THAT time. Women have a ton of shit to be mad about because of men.

I’m a feminist because I’ve had creepy old guys stare at my chest for my entire life, even when I was younger.

I’m a feminist because men feel entitled to unnecessarily invade my personal space on public transport.

I’m a feminist because I’m sick of my main asset being my chest not my brain.

I’m a feminist because even in this day and age I don’t get taken seriously because I’m just ‘another angry women whinging about nothing’.

I’m a feminist because women are not on this earth to please and serve men and it’s about fucking time they know it.

Honestly, if you aren’t mad about this, you haven’t been paying attention.


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